Camogli, Italy


Every once in a while, I’ll come across a gem in the thrift stores. I can remember this particular Value Village visit. I found two vintage puzzles. I’m sure you’ll see the other one another time but let’s have a look at this scene of Camogli, Italy.


What makes this puzzle so beautiful? A few things, Vintage Milton Bradley puzzles are rare. Perhaps people hang on to them, or there weren’t so many in this part of the world to begin with, but if you find one, grab it! This one dates back to 1971, made in Holland. All the way into the 80’s, Milton Bradley puzzles had strong thick pieces, not always interlocking which adds a level of challenge but the major draw really is the thickness. I feel the puzzles last longer and are truer to the once original wooden pieces. The box is also a draw for me, they just look good. It makes for a good decorative piece if you’re into vintage.

As you can see in the photo above, a 1000 piece puzzle from Value Village, complete.


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