Ravensburger has released a real doozie! I saw this puzzle thanks to another Canadian puzzler I follow on Instagram. She often assembles brand new puzzles and is keen to try as many new brands as she can. My approach is generally to seek out used and pre-loved puzzles, it’s cheap.

Joe joined a Facebook group called bunz, a page where people trade items for other items or “bunz currency”. When he saw this one show up we replied right away. I traded a $15 bottle of Italian wine for this puzzle, which, by the way was specifically requested.

This was a challenge, for a few reasons. For one, it’s all one colour – silver – the puzzler has to rely solely on their eye for detail in the shape of the pieces. And second this puzzle is uniquely arranged, which is the main clue for solving the first challenge.

This puzzle was fun, and challenging. I think I still maintain that my Jackson Pollock – Convergence puzzle was the hardest that I’ve ever done, but this was a close second. I love the quality of Ravensburger, both vintage and new. This puzzle is 654 pieces and complete, though I must confess that the cats have attacked it and it is currently incomplete. I’m sure we’ll find the 2 missing pieces either in the couch or under the stove where they usually are.