The Watcher by Darlene Gait

I so thoroughly enjoyed this puzzle by Cobble Hill. They never fail to make great quality puzzles but this particular image was beautiful! Darlene Gait is a Coast Salish contemporary artist from the Esquimalt Nation. This painting is called the Watcher, a bear watching from the tree as the viewer looks on to a longhouse and totem pole in the distance.

I loved how she captured the mist in the air and the details in the moss and tree bark. You could see the detail of the canvas and assembling this as puzzle allowed me to really notice all the details to her work.

“I met this bear in the interior of BC. She sat munching on cottonwood leaves, while I stood across watching her. Moments passed by and the two of us just watched one another with intrigue. I felt a real connection with her, and came to understand her as an innocent gentle being that I am so grateful to have known .” – Darlene Gait

I knew this about halfway in but stayed hopeful that I just hadn’t found the one missing piece yet. 1000 pieces by Cobble Hill Puzzles, one missing piece and found at the VGH thrift store.