Jonathan Adler

This post is a little bittersweet for me as this is the last puzzle in my personalized puzzle subscription that Joe curated and gifted to me for Christmas. I opened this last box once April hit but I didn’t put it together right away. I just wanted to let the experience last for a little while longer.

I had decided to this without the help from the box as well so that it could last as long as possible, and I think overall I worked on this over a few days.

This puzzle is stunning! I’d seen it all over my Instagram feed and deep down I knew that I’d never find this in a thrift store. Imagine how surprised I was when I opened this up! It was so exciting. The blue and gold together are such a satisfying combo.

This is a 750 piece release from Galison. And the whole time I was working on this puzzle, I couldn’t stop thinking about Hot Lips. I might have to buy one or two the next time I see them in a store. 🙂

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