Christian Lacroix

Welcome to the world of designer puzzles! Some readers may remember a Christmas gift that Joe bought me last year, the shaped puzzle of bright red lips and breath illustrated in large 1970s style swirls. That is by Jonathan Adler, American potter, interior decorator, and overall design celebrity.

Well, now we have another designer puzzle, released by Galison, once again and designed by Christian Lacroix.

I’ll be honest here friends, I know the name, but I bought the puzzle for the picture. I just thought the flowers were really pretty! Spring is my favourite season and I picked this up in late winter, it just reminded me that Spring was coming and how much I love flowers!

So sure… this is a designer puzzle and Galison seems to specialize in these designer puzzles but mostly, it’s a beautiful Spring bouquet.

For someone who likes flowers so much, I’m not the best with plants. They do need a lot of love and attention, and I’m sure plants would appreciate not being harassed by a couple of curious kitties. Just a hunch.

But maybe one day, I’ll be able to have a little flower garden in a yard. I would definitely want to plant daffodils and peonies, my two favourites! This puzzle was found at Value Village in the winter, it’s 500 pieces and complete.