Sonoran Desert

I picked up this interesting puzzle a while back at Value Village. They have a new policy that you can’t try clothing on but you can exchange clothing that either didn’t fit or maybe you just didn’t like after all. I have to say that I am not a fan of this new policy, especially since their prices have really skyrocketed.

So I had found a dress that really didn’t suit or fit me at all and not wanting to be out 20 bucks, I went back to look for something else. I gave up on clothing and just decided to buy puzzles. I found a treasure trove of vintage mini puzzles and I found this gorgeous panoramic puzzle by a brand called Impact.

This is basically everything I love in a puzzle image. Take a specific ecosystem and showcase different types of animals and plants that you might find there. Scroll back through my puzzles and you’ll find plenty on that theme.

I’m sorry to say that I even thought about giving up on it because the quality was so terrible! If it had been over 500 pieces I would have.

The pieces didn’t lock together at all and if you bumped the table a whole section would just disassemble all by itself! The only reason I followed through was the low piece count, the fact it was easy and because I loved the picture so much. It’s saving grace! The puzzle was complete and it’s going back to the thrift shop!