The Gardeners Palette

It’s puzzle-pride-along on Instagram for the month of June! There are a few official puzzles that puzzlers can complete and hashtag for an entry to some contests. But you can also just complete any type of rainbow themed puzzle and tag it #puzzlepridealong to fill Instagram with positivity and support and colour. I love that idea so this is my first rainbow puzzle submission for the month.

You might be noticing there are just a few pieces missing! 30 to be exact! This is one of those rare cases where a thrifted puzzle was clearly a used puzzle. The box was basically in perfect condition, but the pieces were peeling, a bit chewed up in some cases and of course several were just not there!

Oh well! I honestly didn’t care or mind at all! It simply ensures that I won’t want to keep it and create more puzzle clutter in our apartment. This was pretty fun to put together, I learned a bit more about flowers and puzzled block by block. It was fun trying to spot the difference between all the purple flowers, because they really looked the same to me.

I love Chrysanthemums!

I also love Irises!

And I especially love Peonies!