Butterfly Migration

Another rainbow puzz to brighten your day!

This is a 1000 piece puzzle by Galison that I found at Value Village a few months ago. There is one piece missing but up at the very top righthand corner so it doesn’t really distract too much.

When I was little, a family friend of ours, Doris, used to call me Schmetterling, which means butterfly in German. At the time, we lived in St Catharine’s, Ontario. My mum, Doris and I would go to the German deli, which I remember being amazing, or we’d head to the Avondale dairy farm for ice cream in the summer. I used to love that ice cream place so much! It was a small dairy farm with a booth where you could buy your ice cream, there were picnic tables and a swing set right in the middle of beautiful Ontario fields. It just feels like a true summer experience, I’ll have to go back someday to see if it’s still there.