Well, I found another very coveted vintage Springbok puzzle. Verticalville released in 1977. I have seen this puzzle all over the internet for high high prices!

It’s a silly little drawing of a city that doesn’t stretch outward, but upward. It’s full of quirky details and typical 1970s kitsch. I completed this one night when we’d had a friend over, listening to records and chatting about nothing in particular. It was a pretty great night!

One day, I popped into Value Village, not really expecting to find anything, but coming across about 10 vintage Springbok puzzles with images by this artist. One I had actually completed before – Jigsaw Jamboree. But the others, I had a hard decision to make! I picked up this one, Verticalville II (yes, you read that correctly!) a miniature golf world drawing, and a Computer puzzle. I was actually impressed at my control 🙂

My copy of Verticalville was in perfect condition, the box looks brand new and the puzzle was just right, it didn’t fit together too tight but not too loose either. Complete, of course.

This drawing reminded me so much of Terry Gilliam movies, kind of steam-punk, whimsical, and DIY.

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