The New York Times

This is an early Galison Puzzle, can I call it vintage Galison?? It’s from 2014, not quite Vintage, but there are some differences.

This puzzle was complete (so the original owner said) buuuut…. I had the puzzle pieces all laid out on my foam board and on the second board, I had assembled the edge. I put them away for the evening, which is on top of the book shelf – the highest place in our apartment.

In the middle of the night we woke up to a crashing noise, Joe went out to investigate and found that Otto had attempted to jump up on top of the book shelf and knocked over the puzzle pieces. We used to have a table resting right beside the shelf, it has since been moved.

Joe had cleaned up as best he could, but we couldn’t find one piece in the end, it is totally possible that the woman I got it from was wrong about it being complete too. It’s ok though, I wasn’t super excited for this puzzle anyway, so dark, and truth be told… I’m not the biggest fan of New York. Controversial, I know.

This was a Bunz trade, 1000 pieces and missing one piece, somehow, somewhere!