I love these F.X. Schmid puzzles from the early 1990s. The logo on the box is classic and the puzzles are always titled so simply and accurately. There aren’t any puns or phrase names, they always just call it like it is! Parrots.

This was a little 500 piece puzzle that I picked out from the boxes at the puzzle swap at the Learnary on Hastings street this summer. For such a small puzzle it was a pretty good challenge too.

This image is so known to me for some reason. I can’t quite put my finger on it but maybe it was in National Geographic or it was in a documentary or something? But either way, I really wanted to assemble this puzzle because it felt so familiar and nostalgic.

What gorgeous birds these are! Such a vibrant blue, I love it 🙂 The puzzle is complete and I will likely puzzle it forward.