Femme avec Tete de Roses, 1935

Enter the dreamlike world of Salvador Dali in jigsaw puzzle form! I’ve never spent too much time exploring Dali’s work but I’ve always acknowledged that he was clearly very skilled at creating realistic looking paintings. Always so clear and defined!

I really like the surrealist art movement, but for some reason, Salvador Dali didn’t speak out to me so much. I always thought he seemed so eccentric in any film clips I saw of him, that I was kind of turned off from his work. It seemed like he was trying hard to be zany, which is not very fair of me.

This was a super fun image to do as a puzzle though, I assembled the people and the objects first. And the sky and ground were basically gradient puzzles, I never really got stuck, which is always a nice feeling.

This is a manufacturer that I’ve only ever seen once before, Ricordi. Im pretty sure they’re a Spanish brand. I really like the quality, like a mix between Ravensburger and Galison. This was a 1000 piece puzzle and it was complete!

I found this puzzle at Value Village a couple months ago and I thought it had a bit of a spooky, October vibe to it 🙂