Jumped From Cover

Right off the top, I’m going to just clarify that I’m not a huge fan of the fact that this is a hunting picture. I really hope that bird got away and had a good life.

I am a fan of those Tripl-thick puzzle pieces though. They are about a half centimetre thick, super solid and putting them together is one of the most satisfying puzzling moments.

This is a little 30 piece mini puzz by Tuco, likely from the 1970s, it actually reminds me so much of the puzzle my friend found in her closet after 20 years of living in her apartment. The man fishing (in a similar outfit) for Carp.

So while I don’t love the content, I do love the Tuco quality. I pull this little puzzle out every once in a while and assemble it just for the feel of it. I found this puzzle years ago at a thrift store in Vancouver, I snatched the box off the shelf so quickly, just in case someone would walk by and choose it at that moment! It’s complete, and I love it, have I gotten that point across yet?