Pack Leader

Another Halloween has passed and the Vancouver air is getting chilly. I assembled this puzzle just before Halloween because it felt right for the season, the haunting howl of wolves send a chill down my spine!

Five years ago, Joe and I went to the Yukon for our vacation. We stayed in a friend’s cabin in West Dawson City for a week, it was so magical! One night the aurora were in full show, so we went outside to take a look. There are no street lights or really any light pollution where we were staying, so apart from the northern lights, it was really dark outside.

The lights were beautiful, and then, there was a piercing wolf howl! It was amazing but also a little frightening!

Joe laughed at me, but I wanted to go back inside after that! This puzzle really made me think back to that visit to the Yukon. We went in late summer, but I’ve also been to visit in winter too. Both seasons were absolutely amazing, of course it helped that I was in great company.

This amazing shaped puzzle was manufactured in 1999 by F.X.Schmid, is 1000 pieces and complete. It has four wolves hidden with the pieces as well, not to mention about 22 other animals in the picture. A treasure!

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