Happy New Year to all readers, friends, family and puzzle people!

I completed this puzzle on New Years Eve, and while we don’t do too much to celebrate the new year I thought this would be nice to assemble on Dec. 31st. The puzzle was quick and easy and super fun to put together, it’s actually an Indigo brand puzzle called Hobbry. I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected!

The one issue I had with this puzzle was there was a velvety finish to the pieces that left a strange feeling on my fingers. I do think the finished puzzle felt nice and smooth but I found it weird for the actual assembling.

The blog has been on a bit of a hiatus, I actually ran out of storage so had to upgrade my plan. That kind of stuff really makes me procrastinate but Joe and I sat down and finally upgraded 🙂

I think I might do some more organizing – like have categories and file puzzles by year. But that is a bigger project and I really have to think about what type of structure would be satisfying. I’m also likely going to start a spreadsheet of some puzzle stats. Again what are the categories? Not totally sure, but these are some of the projects in the works!

Note that while I was puzzling this, Joe watched MacGruber, the movie.

This puzzle was found at Value Village, still sealed! 500 pieces and complete.