Winter Feeder

I can’t think of a more idyllic scene. A full bird feeder with such beautiful friendly birds enjoying a quick snack, accompanied by the perfect snowfall to quiet the day down. What a dream.

I did this puzzle back in December for a holiday puzzle along on Instagram. Just a bunch of puzzlers chatting about puzzles and winter things in messaging, sharing photos and oooohing and aaaaahing at each other’s finished puzzles. It’s probably the nerdiest thing about me, and I love it.

I felt that while this wasn’t literally Christmassy, it did feel right to include this in my Christmas puzzle along. It reminds me of the slower days during the holidays, when you might take note of something so small but wonderful, like these birds enjoying their feeder.

This is a 1000 piecer by my first puzzle love, Springbok. I got this in a trade on Bunz and I knew it would be perfect for my winter holidays.

Even Otto got into the puzzling spirit! This puzzle was complete and I have since passed it on to the Thrift Store.