The Simpsons

The Simpsons was my all time favourite show when I was in school. I used to recap the Sunday night episode with my friends by our locker bank on Monday mornings. We’d be howling laughing doing the impersonations and reliving the jokes.

I think some of my favourite characters are Ned Flanders, Mr. Smithers, Milhouse, and Marge. I wonder if there is some kind of personality test based around the Simpsons Characters you like. I bet there is 🙂

This puzzle originally came with a CD – Songs in the Key of Springfield – which of course wasn’t in the box anymore and which coincidentally Joe used to have in his collection. I didn’t mind though, I was really after the puzzle. A 250 piece puzzle of the family and a few of the shows regulars.

The puzzle was complete and in great shape. It dates back to 1999 and was released by a company company called Rhino, which I’d never heard of before.

Who of my readers is also a Simpsons fan? Do you have a favourite episode?