No Names

I’ve to this date never seen this brand of puzzles in a can. They don’t have a manufacturer listed on the can anywhere, they simply say Jigsaw and Made in Canada.

One internet search had me think that maybe they were made by an American company called Harret-Gilmar, which started off making crayons and crayon sets. Then it appears they started making puzzles and some games. But I’m not totally convinced that’s actually the right information.

The Alice in Wonderland puzzle is a little worse for wear, it must have been someone’s favourite! I personally love the Sun and the Wind puzzle which was in pretty great shape considering its age. Judging by the art style and the text on the cans, I’m going to guess these are from the 1960s.

I just think these are so special! The packaging is awesome, not necessarily that they come in a can, but the fact that they are smaller cans and the artwork is so kitschy, they’re great! I’m so happy that I stopped by Value on my way home from work the other week 🙂

I love this groovy guy!

These puzzles are 68 pieces each and complete, technically though poor Alice is missing an eyeball.

If you know anything about these puzzles, please leave a comment or get in touch! I would love to learn more!

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