Yellow Rose

There is a really neat series of puzzles by Cobble Hill, featuring the artwork of Shelley Davies. She’s created collages of objects in one colour palette or sometimes a rainbow spectrum and taken photos of them. I actually have a 2000 piecer of a rainbow one. They are gorgeous and so full of detail. They are also all over my Instagram feed, super popular.

I love the Heye logo, it’s got a real 1970s vibe

I came across this fabulous collage puzzle and it really reminded me of the Cobble Hill ones, except that these are collages of text and images rather than objects.

This puzzle was full of details! But in the fun way, not a frustrating way. I took my time with this, working on it over three days. There was just so much to take in!

I really love collages as an art style, this artist is Colin Johnson, his work is really incredible. Definitely worth a Google!

This puzzle was 1000 pieces and complete, manufactured by Heye.