Sleeping Beauty

I love mini puzzles so much sometimes, they help me wake up in the morning and get my brain working for the day. It’s nice to sit with coffee and breakfast, most likely a curious cat by my side and assemble a mini puzz.

Of course, I’m not really one for fairy tales anymore but this was a vintage book cover puzzle. Which I do have a soft spot for. The brand that released this is called Lagoon, but I think the publisher of these books was Ladybird. There are more of these that you can collect, of course!

The puzzle was 98 pieces and it was ok quality. The pieces are kind of flimsy and definitely don’t lock together. But I wasn’t expecting much from this mini puzzle, honestly.

I have now put this in the mail and sent it off to a puzzler in Maine, along with some puzzle shaped gummy Candy. Joe had bought a pack for me and she saw my Instagram post about them.

We had a little chat about different gummy candies and I offered to send her a pack. #puzzlefriends.