A new style of post here…. The puzzles I don’t do.

I used to always post about the puzzles I’ve done, hence the name of my blog here. But, believe it or not, I don’t finish every single puzzle I start! And I’m going to start sharing them here. In their own way, they’re interesting and I’m starting to realize that they deserve a little attention on this site too.

I found this Pez branded puzzle at Value Village a while back and I thought it would be so cool! It looks like it’s vintage but it was made in 2003, which I suppose is coming up on 20 years, ha ha ha!

The company that produced the puzzle is called Patrafico, which I’ve never heard of at all. Why didn’t I complete this?

This centre bit was technically “easy”, but even getting here was a bit of a struggle. The quality was so poor, basically every piece fits everywhere, not really a problem when you’ve got an obvious picture to work with. But I thought of all that out of focus Pez candy and thought No Way! I wanted to just spend an evening on this, not 7 days, so I called it and packed it in.

I posted the puzzle on Craigslist and basically got an email right away. I knew there’d be a Pez collector out there somewhere who would think this puzzle was cool. The guy who picked it up was a young construction worker and tucked away in the five dollar bill he gave me was a receipt for a Magic Shop. I wanted to ask him if he was into puzzles or was he a Pez collector, but he didn’t stick around to chat. I guess we’ll never know!