Distorted Cubes (A) & Distorted Cubes (E)

Sol LeWitt 1928-2007, has an impressive artistic resume!

I have always loved this Galison Puzzle featuring just one of his works, Distorted Cubes (A-E). It’s a double sided puzzle and released as a collaboration with MoMA. This is such a photogenic puzzle!

Of course what really draws me in is the colourful side but, once I completed the puzzle, I flipped it over and I have to say the black and white side is pretty striking too.

Galison puzzles are paper backed, so while I do like the concept of a double sided puzzle, (two puzzles for the price of one), the feel isn’t as nice on the “back” side.

The colourful side was glossy, and the pieces are smooth and round slightly down at the edges of the piece. When assembled there are no sharp edges when you run your hand over the top.

On the other side, you might be able to see it in the pictures, the pieces lay flat but their edges are much more visible so it’s not quite the satisfying tactile experience. This just has to do with the die cutter, they stamp the puzzles top down, so there are just rougher edges on the back.

There are double sided puzzles that will actually cut their puzzles from the top and flip them over and cut them from the bottom. These puzzles are branded the World’s Most Difficult Puzzles, because they are double sided with the same picture on either side but one side is rotated 90 degrees. They cut them from both sides, so that the puzzler can’t “cheat” by using the clue of the rounded edge and rougher edge, like our Galison double sided puzzles.

I do think that The World’s Most Difficult Puzzles are a neat concept, but truthfully, not for me!

It may sound like I didn’t like this puzzle, I absolutely did and I was so happy that I had a found a complete version at the thrift shop!