Franklin Carmichael

I’ve had this puzzle in my to do pile for a few months now. I absolutely loved the picture when I bought it, but when I got it home, I realized that it was going to be a challenge.

I wasn’t wrong, it offered a good challenge! Sometimes when I’m a bit tired or don’t want to work that hard, I avoid the puzzles that I know will be challenging. It’s silly but I know that my brain stamina just won’t cut it.

I think I put this one off for about four months! And then, I pulled it off the cabinets, (I stash my puzzles above our kitchen cabinets) and got started. I was hooked almost right away!

There is something about the group of seven painters that really draws me in. I’m sure the beautiful landscapes is a big part of that, the use of colour but also the style, it’s almost architectural. I think that the era had a lot of influence for these painters too.

I really enjoyed that this puzzled featured a few different paintings, so you could work on a wider range and get to know more of his style. No doubt you can see that there was one edge piece missing. I actually saved the edge for last and I was convinced the puzzle was complete until about the last three pieces.

This is a Cobble Hill puzzle, part of their Canadian Artist series, it was 1000 pieces and missing the one edge piece.

I was a little sad, but I think the edge is the best spot to have a missing piece, especially in this puzzle!