Churchill, Manitoba

We’re keeping to the Canadian theme this week! I think many of my readers know how much I love this series of Vintage inspired graphics by Lantern Press and released by Andrew’s Blaine. These puzzles are some of my favourites!

I’ve assembled Algonquin, Atlantic Canada, Banff, Ski Quebec, and now this beautiful Churchill, Manitoba puzz. I believe that there is a Whistler puzzle, a Northern Lights one and a Maple Syrup one. Not sure about more, but I’m sure I’ll find them all at some point.

I really didn’t know that Churchill Manitoba was the Polar Bear capital of the world, to be honest. But I posted this in progress photo on Instagram recently and someone from the States knew exactly where it was referring to!

I just love the lavender and pinks in this puzzle, it’s so beautiful. These puzzles are also really great quality, the pieces are glossy but they are cardboard backed, and fit together loosely but securely.

This puzzle is 1000 pieces, complete and manufactured by Andrew’s Blaine. I’ve since sent it off to it’s new owner in Toronto. these puzzles are very coveted by Canadian puzzlers and someone in Toronto saw it in my Instagram stories. I knew I didn’t intend to keep it so I offered to send it to her if it was complete.

As far as I know, these are not being made anymore, so people get really excited if they see one of these on someone’s feed or in a thrift shop!

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