Toy Animals

Remember when I mentioned in my Franklin Carmichael puzzle post that sometimes I avoid challenging puzzles? This was one of those times. Nothing like a bit of colour separation and a simple organization type of puzzle.

Toy Animals released by Galison, a happy collection of children’s plastic toys, arranged in a rainbow/colour wheel. It’s up to the puzzler to complete the wheel.

How satisfying, and not too hard, it was so relaxing. This was the perfect puzzle to choose. Work has been a bit mad lately, so my brain has been fatigued but also in need of the relaxation that puzzles give me.

I started with the blues, and moved over to purple and pink. Then skipped back to green, and jumped to red and wrapped up with orange and yellow.

I really enjoyed that there were some more obscure toy animals in the collection, like the turtle hatching out of an egg, or the caterpillar, and a beetle. Nice representation!

This puzzle is 500 pieces, released by Galison, it’s complete and oh so pretty!