Underwater Kingdom at Dusk

Another beautiful collection of animals. I think this is a real “Lina” type of puzzle, animals, illustration, and lots of colour! This is actually a fairly new puzzle released in 2020 by Ravensburger, showcasing the artwork of Hanna Karlzon.

When I found it at the thrift store, I could tell by the box that it was a new puzzle. But something about it had such a vintage Ravensburger vibe to it. A lot of puzzles from the 90s have this type of feel to it, I love this aesthetic!

This was not an easy puzzle, there’s so much detail and just just so much going on that each piece is packed with information. But I will say that this was super fun, it was hard to pull myself away from this.

I worked on this over about three evenings and once the puzzle was complete I just soaked it up! There’s so much to notice and the artist really had put so much attention to every inch of this picture. I will definitely keep an eye out for more puzzles featuring her illustrations.

I love this frog and the fireflies so much!

I also love how there are pretty creatures and some not so pretty creatures drawn into this, it feels more realistic and balanced that way.

This puzzle is 1000 pieces and complete! And it looks really good in our living room!