Rainbow Cupcakes

Recently, on Instagram, I participated in another puzzle-along. This one was all food puzzles all the time. I had a few in my stash that I wanted to do and even to revisit, but I wanted a new one, so I popped into Value Village and found this colourful gem.

The last few Eurographics puzzles I had done weren’t my favourite but I thought I’d take a chance. I was so glad I did!

They have made some huge quality improvements. There is a linen finish, no glare and the ribbon cut pieces fit so well together. Very different from the last time I assembled one of theirs.

As you can see, it was missing one piece, but I didn’t mind at all. This was a simple but super fun puzzle to put together.

Who out there like cupcakes? They are not my go to treat, but I do like them, naturally. A chocolate cupcake with coffee buttercream, or red velvet, or anything with a nice cream cheese icing. Mmmmm mmmmmm!

1000 pieces, 1 missing and found at Value Village in East Vancouver.

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