Butterfly Garden

Right before our Value Village burned down, I found a few really awesome Cobble Hill puzzles. This garden scene puzzle called Butterfly Garden featuring more artwork by Barbara Behr, who did that Art Nouveau Tiles image I recently posted.

I just love how much detail there was in this puzzle! I really took my time with this one, working on it over a few days. I really got to notice all the beautiful detail in the flowers and of course, in the butterflies, it was so engaging!

This picture reminded me so much of some pictures I coloured in with my Aunt’s partner at the time. He was an artist and when I’d go to their house, we would colour in these intricate drawings of butterfly gardens, or rainforest scenes. It was so fun!

Maybe that’s why I always go for these types of puzzles. I never really thought of that!

I love this spotty green butterfly! I think it was my favourite 🙂

This was such a fun and pretty puzzle to put together, it definitely felt very summery. 1000 pieces, made by Cobble Hill and complete. I’m passing it on to another local puzzler that I know from Instagram 🙂