Window Seat

Another winner by designer and world traveller, Troy Litten! I have loved this puzzle image for a few years now, when it popped up in a potential Bunz trade, I jumped at the chance!

This puzzle is so simple but such a neat concept. I love the excitement and anticipation you feel when you look out of that tiny plane window. I love all of these sunsets and gorgeous hues, it’s so pretty!

I have a memory of once flying from Ontario to Vancouver on a red eye flight, I remember that most people in the cabin were asleep and the whole cabin was dark. I think I dozed off and woke up for a moment and I swear that I saw some Aurora outside the window, but I’ve never been sure if it was real or a dream!

I was so happy to finally get a chance to complete this puzzle, it was super fun and a nice level of challenge! This is a Galison, 500 pieces and complete, it has since been passed on to a friend.