Flowers in Village

thepuzzlesivedone is back!

I mentioned in my last few posts that was moving soon. Well, Joe and I have moved to Halifax from Vancouver. We’ve been here now almost exactly a month. Our apartment that we never actually saw photos of, is lovely, thankfully! The city is really pretty, very different but with enough similarities to Vancouver that it feels comfortable.

The first week that we spent in Halifax, my parents were here too. We managed a few day trips and my mom even drove us to a few thrift stores to help us get some things for our place. I was very excited to see what the thrift puzzle game was like and I was happily surprised. I plan to do a little thrift score video on my Instagram profile so be sure to check out my stories in the next few days. @thepuzzlesivedone

I found this gorgeous 500 piece Pomegranate Puzzle at the second thrift store we visited. I had been coveting this puzzle for a while and I was pretty excited to find it. We also found a 1970’s office chair, and a Crokinole board – we’re true East Coasters now.

I decided to assemble this puzzle first in our new East Coast apartment. I wanted something that would be a little quicker, my parents were still visiting and I hadn’t unpacked my puzzles that I brought from BC, so this one was the winner!

The artist is Kazuyuki Ohtsu, they follow the creative print tradition (or sōsaku hanga). First they’ll paint the original pictures, then carve the woodblocks and then print the images.

I love the detail of this little dog, and the person just about half way up in the horizon of the picture. This puzzle didn’t take too long but I certainly slowed down in all of those pink blossoms!

I was super happy to see that the puzzle was complete! 500 pieces, Pomegranate Artpiece and found at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.