Dance, dance, dance

About a year ago, I sold my copy of Dance! Dance! Dance! from 1985 by Springbok to a fellow puzzler on Instagram.

Then…Funny story… I went thrifting a couple of days after I sent the puzzle to her and what did I find? Dance! Dance! Dance! by Springbok, the 1981 version. I held it in my hands for a few minutes, contemplating, was I really going to assemble it again? I had decided to pass the other one because I had put it together so many times.

Well, I bought it! I had no guarantee of course if it was complete, but I thought why not? It’ll make for a good story on the blog and I have to say that I was really happy that I did buy it.

First off, I like that I have the earliest version of this puzzle, even though there are no differences to the actual puzzle. The box, however, is uniform with a lot of the puzzles that I have from that time period, which I like. I really like that. The puzzle that I sold was in a slightly smaller box, so it kind of bothered me that it was a different size in the line up of boxes.

Second, this puzzle has the green cardboard, again no difference really, but that is just a little more special to me.

Third, I realized how much I like putting this puzzle together. I don’t know why I thought I was done with the image?

I was relieved to find this puzzle in great shape, it was complete, it was vibrant and it had the original catalogue inserts. Springbok Gold.

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