Majestic Wolf

A few weeks ago, the team at Unidragon Puzzles reached out to me via Instagram. They offered to send me a puzzle of theirs to showcase on Instagram, and of course, I would devote a blog post to this puzzle too!

Unidragon makes wooden puzzles, they are very popular online. No doubt you’ve seen them before, and maybe didn’t realize that it was a Unidragon puzzle. A lot of their designs are cut out animal shaped puzzles.

It was hard to choose a puzzle, honestly. There were so many good ones! Cats, owls, wolves, foxes, whales, jellyfish, a chameleon?! Seriously, too many good ones. In the end, I chose the wolf, I liked the colours and I felt something pull me in with this wolf.

I’ve done some wooden puzzles before, so this wasn’t my first experience but it was my first Unidragon puzzle, and I have to say that I absolutely loved putting this together! I loved how vibrant and saturated the colours were, I liked the detail of providing a couple of extra wooden prop pieces to help you stand your box lid up to reference while puzzling.

As with many wooden puzzles, there are special shaped pieces, more animals hidden in the image, there are birds perching on branches that stretch throughout the cheeks of the wolf. There are also a few pieces that connect together to make a smaller wolf cutout on the forehead of the wolf. I also found a forest of trees in the ears of the wolf, there was just so much attention to detail.

The whole experience was wonderful, I’m definitely going to be puzzling this again the future, Joe also likes wooden puzzles a lot, so maybe we’ll pull this out over the holidays to put together.

So Majestic!

There is another special piece, it’s a plastic mirrored piece of the Unidragon logo, which is a dragon hugging a teeny tiny puzzle piece. I swapped it into the final image and it make a sort of third eye for the wolf, I love it!

And below is the tiny puzzle piece, it’s so little and lovely!

Would I do another Unidragon Puzzle in the future? Absolutely, 100%. I loved this puzzle and I really think that others out there would too, they have different ranges of difficulty. I chose the King Size of the wolf which was 310 pieces in total.