A Norman Rockwell Series – Santa’s Christmas Journey

I’ve done a Norman Rockwell picture puzzle before, called the Connoisseur and I have to say this Springbok collection of 6 mini puzzles is the Norman Rockwell that I think we’re most familiar with. Nostalgic, very wholesome, and the classic depiction of American life.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think there anything wrong with his work. As far as I understand, he was often criticized for creating overly nostalgic paintings that felt naive and like they glorified the simple life. I generally don’t love Rockwell, but I can’t deny that he produced a lot of work and was very skilled at his craft.

Well, this here collection of mini puzzles certainly is wholesome and nostalgic but I also think it’s sweet.

Santa’s just always so tired! This collection was approximately 70 pieces per puzzle and as you can see a few pieces were missing. At least 6, you never can tell with a Springbok though, because of that unique random piece cut!