Picnic Pals

I joined another puzzle-along on Instagram for the week. This one is called “cuteness overload” which in theory I absolutely love. But when I looked in my modest collection of puzzles, I didn’t really have anything that fit the theme.

So, whenever Joe and I were at the thrift store, I kept my eyes open for a suitable puzzle picture. And what did I find? Picnic Pals, even the title of the picture is adorable!

Just picture it – a lovely summer day, you pack up a fine china tea set, some strawberries, and your kitties. Out into the garden you go, pick some flowers, scatter the strawberries and your kitties get comfy. It’s picnic perfection when that butterfly rests on one of the cups.

This certainly fell into the Cuteness Overload theme! I had so much fun with this puzzle, those big kitty eyes, the gradient sky and the finished picture is basically perfect.

It would be pretty fun to take Otto and Alomar off to a picnic in the park, Alomar would definitely take a nap in the sun and Otto would play with the strawberries and probably climb a tree!

This sweet little puzzle was found at Value Village in Halifax, 550 pieces, realized by Karmin International and it is complete! The perfect puzzle for a snowy morning.


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