Undersea Enchantment

I love that moment when you find a puzzle you’ve been dreaming of at the thrift store. I can’t take credit for finding this one though, Joe found it in the puzzle and games section, while I was on the far side of the section. He pulled it out to show to me, because he knows how much I love vintage Springbok puzzles.

My jaw basically dropped to the floor, because I have been wanting this particular puzzle for a loooong time now! Undersea Enchantment, a round Springbok puzzle from 1983.

It’s quite an easy puzzle, it’s 500 pieces, and it only took about 2 hours from start to finish. I typically enjoy a harder puzzle, more bang for your buck. But I just knew that this would be such a fun and relaxing puzzle to assemble.

I assembled this before I started work, and it was such a nice start to the day. the colours were so soothing, and I absolutely loved the art style of this. It has a very nostalgic, 80s style in my opinion.

Up close it does look like the puzzle is dusty, but that’s actually depicted in the picture. Which is accurate underwater, silt, bubbles, tiny organisms, it’s all there!

I am so thankful for Joe’s eye at the thrift store – he’s found some really good ones in the past! This puzzle is in near perfect condition, right down to the box. Thanks to the previous owner, they stored the pieces in a ziploc bag, they didn’t put tape on the box, and they kept it in a dry darker place so it didn’t smell musty and the box wasn’t faded!

I look forward to assembling this over and over!


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