It’s another colourful Eeboo puzzle! It also glows in the dark, I love glow in the dark puzzles 🙂

It’s always hard to take a good picture of a glow in the dark puzzle but it’s really fun to see in person. I don’t follow Horoscopes but I do love looking at the stars. I especially love when you’re out in the forest or somewhere remote and the stars are so bright. It’s definitely a favourite of mine.

I really loved the 70s style print on the fish, I’m not a Pisces, I’m a Virgo. I’ve never liked the Virgo imagery, personally, but hey, what are you gonna do?

This was a pretty fun puzzle to put together, I picked it up at the thrift store for a game that I’ve been participating in on Instagram. It’s called Puzzle the Alphabet, it’s pretty self explanatory. Each entry has to represent a letter of the Alphabet, either through the title of the puzzle, the name of the artist, or the brand’s name. This was my entry for Z, which was a letter that I didn’t already have in my puzzle collection.

1000 pieces and complete!


  1. I think I miss out on a lot of fun group puzzle challenges since I don’t use instagram or facebook!

    I haven’t ever done a glow in the dark puzzle. Does the surface of the glow-in-the-dark puzzle pieces feel any different than regular puzzle pieces?


    1. Great question! The pieces do feel different, the glow in the dark paint is usually raised and a little rougher, almost like sandpaper, but very fine sandpaper. So you can definitely tell which parts of the puzzle are going to glow. I loved glow in the dark things when I was a kid so I am a bit of a sucker for puzzles that glow!

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