Archibald Motley – Nightlife

I always enjoy the range of art styles, artists, and depiction of life experiences that Pomegranate Puzzles choose to showcase. (And who can forget the wonderful quality?) So many of their puzzles have introduced me to learn about artists I have never heard of before, or to read more about different paintings.

I love that this hobby of mine has me learning and exploring works of art more often.

I read up a little on Archibald Motley, his career was very impressive, his paintings are so vibrant and use so much colour! This particular painting called Nightlife is one of his works that initially looks very one colour dominant, but once you break it up into small pieces and try and get it all back together, you’ll notice just how much colour nuance there is in the painting.

I especially loved the rich blues of the men’s suits, they were so saturated. Archibald Motley painted a lot from the jazz age, once again, I gravitate to this era and style of painting!

This was a pretty tough one to put together, I worked on it over a week. I needed to puzzle with natural light just to see all the difference in the shades and hues. It was definitely worth it to see the finished picture, it’s gorgeous.

I found this at Value Village in East Vancouver, it’s 1000 pieces by Pomegranate and thankfully it wasn’t missing any pieces!

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