A Day at the Beach

Over the summer, I entered an Instagram contest, and I won! I was the recipient of three mini puzzles from Karmin International. I think many of my readers know how much I love mini puzzles, I love puzzles, obviously, but mini ones are extra special.

Sometimes, you wanna puzz, but sometimes you can’t spend a ton of time puzzling. Maybe you have to work, or clean your bathroom, or go out and be social, who knows! But if you just need to be silent and meditative for a short while, you can pull out a mini puzzle and it will do the trick.

This was the first of three minis that I won, it was fun. I typically wouldn’t have bought this, the image is fine, nothing super special, honestly. But I still enjoyed my time putting this together.

It was a pretty quick little puzz, it got a touch tricky at times, just because the beach towels and umbrella shadows kind of look the same.

All in all, a fun little trip to the beach 🙂

This is 100 pieces, was won in a contest and released by Karmin International in their Playtoy line.

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