Neon Dogs

It’s another mini puzz! I mean who doesn’t think that pugs are hilarious? Especially when depicted in an Andy Warhol pop art style?

This was another win from that Instagram contest, I enjoyed this image more than the one I posted about last week. I always enjoy a silly animal puzzle, and a bonus if it’s colourful and a bit offbeat.

This one came together really quickly and certainly soothed the puzzle itch. Will you see the third puzzle I won??

Sadly, no. When I received these in the mail, I pulled them out and assembled them right away, then Alomar jumped up on the kitchen table and knocked over a glass of water onto the other puzzle.

FYI these puzzles don’t mix well with liquid! Ha ha, the paper image instantly separated from the cardboard and the puzzle was immediately destroyed. At least I got to put it together. It was a drawing of a. Opulent standing on a pier looking out at the water. It wasn’t totally my style but it was sweet and would have been cute for Valentine’s Day.

Another 100 piecer by Karmin in their Playtoy line, won in an Instagram contest.

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