Doodle Cats

Today is Otto and Alomar’s 4th birthday! What better way to celebrate than a puzzle all about cats and a day in the life of a cat?

Doodle Cats released by Cobble Hill. A 1000 piece puzzle that I have wanted to put together ever since it was released. I found this at the thrift store recently and jumped for joy! It was a really good day for puzzles at the thrift store, actually, I found several rare vintage puzzles and a few newer ones that I have loved the look of for a long time.

Let’s see what these kitties are getting up to on a regular day, shall we?

Stretching, dreaming, washing, and choosing a look. Otto and Alomar love to do the first three but they know that they look their best in their own fur so they don’t wear costumes like these kitties.

They do enjoy a spot of gardening though. They love to dig in the dirt and chew Joe’s plants, so this is accurate!

Dancing, Otto is a big fan of dancing and the black kitty here looks like him, a very handsome, agile kitty!

Baking! Alomar definitely loves to watch me bake and then steal bites when I’m not looking. A sweet boy with a sweet tooth.

I mean would they be cats if they didn’t like a nap? They will periodically switch it up and nap in a new spot, that’s part of the fun of napping!

Any day is a good day for some R&R. It’s tough to be a kitty in an apartment! You have to keep your people in line and enforce a strict feeding schedule. STRICT!

Romance, Otto and Alomar are brothers, and best friends, and we’re so happy they’re here in our lives.

This is then when they were really little! Happy birthday to my sweet kitties!


  1. This is a great post!! I loved all the pictures you shared of the puzzle and how the images/activities in the puzzle relate to your fur babies, Otto and Alomar.

    How does Otto dance? Does he dance on his own like a cockatoo? Or do you hold him while you dance?

    What special vintage puzzles did you scoop up on your latest shopping trip?


    1. Thanks so much, I had a lot of fun writing it 🙂
      Otto dances after his toys, he’s a jumper!

      As for the vintage puzzles, I’ll be posting about on of them on Thursday, it’s a souvenir puzzle from the Metropolitan Museum of an embroidered robe. Then I found a vintage kids Victory wooden puzzle, three Springboks from the early 80s and a vintage Milton Bradley! It was a “haul” kind of day!

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