Old time Baseball

Bits and Pieces is a brand that I have heard a lot about and still had yet to try. When I came across this puzzle of vantage baseball cards, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to try the brand!

I have to say, their boxes don’t really draw me in, they look kind of cheesy to me, but the style of the box does not reflect what’s inside! I was impressed with this puzzle! The quality was pretty great, the picture was a tad glossy for my tastes but honestly, I did not expect the quality to be so good.

I also really enjoy a random cut jigsaw puzzle, and when laid out on a grid style puzzle picture like this one, that makes for a really good challenge. This was not an easy puzzle, I think I worked on it over a handful of days.

I have to say that most Bits and Pieces puzzles are not my style, the brand makes a lot of generic puzzle pictures, like of a farm scene or a family out at the pumpkin patch, but this was a fun collage picture to piece together!

I think it got Joe excited for baseball season, we’ve already started tuning into Spring Training, ha ha ha!

All in all, I enjoyed my first try with this brand! This puzzle is 1000 pieces, I found it at a thrift store in Dartmouth, and it’s missing two pieces.

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