Steve Kaufmann – Marilyn

I don’t have much info about this puzzle, Joe picked it up in our lobby and brought it home one day. There’s no brand listed, or label, it just has a credit to the pop artist, Steve Kaufmann.

I didn’t even know about Steve Kaufmann, but his bio is pretty remarkable! He grew up in New York in a family of artists that worked over a lot of different mediums, they all taught him their trade and as a result, Kaufmann worked with 15 different mediums.

Of course we can see the tribute to Andy Warhol in this work. He was an assistant to Andy Warhol at the Factory when he was just 19. It sounds like Kaufmann made a lot of political works and exhibits as well, being very focused on the AIDS crisis in New York in the 1980s.

I had a super fun time with this puzzle, just arranging colours and shadows, plus I got to learn about Steve Kaufmann, an artist that I hadn’t heard of before!

Not bad for a lobby puzzle 🙂 It was missing three pieces, one conveniently where an eye was supposed to be!

This was a great quality puzzle with solid pieces and a secure but loose-ish fit. 1000 pieces and missing three.

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