We’re still on the Wild Things puzzle along train. This time we went underwater and took a look around!

I have seen these little travel puzzles all over and always wondered. They are manufactured by a company called Crocodile Creek and they come in a little ziplock bag, almost like a packet of cat treats. My kitties even woke up from their 16 hour nap to check out if I was indeed getting out the treats. They were annoyed to see that it was yet another puzzle.

I was pretty impressed by the quality of this little thing. It was just 100 pieces and it was very easy, but the pieces were sturdy and great quality. I didn’t really expect that to be honest. I found this in the kids section at Value Village and I have to say that I was really happy that I grabbed it, I’ll definitely do it again.

This little puzz is from 2011, not quite vintage, 100 pieces and complete. The sweet little picture was illustrated by an artist named Peter Brown, and I have to say, I love that puffer fish!

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