Prince of the Pride

Today’s puzzle is a majestic beast of a puzzle! It was a bit challenging and it is literally a majestic beast. I’ve found quite a few of these Vintage F.X. Schmid wildlife shaped puzzles recently at our local thrift stores.

Perhaps you remember such puzzles as On the Wings of and Eagle and Pack Leader? Well, now I’ve found Prince of the Pride (and a couple others which I’ll save as a surprise).

This beauty was actually still shrink wrapped, what a treat! The box didn’t have too much inside, there was a bag of pieces, which were very dusty and a sheet with all the animals identified for the puzzler.

Interestingly, this one didn’t have any animal shaped pieces like the eagle and the wolf, but it had a lot more detail in the outline of the puzzle, I didn’t mind!

I think that out of the ones that I’ve done so far, this is the most impressive one. But it is a tough call, because I loved the other two that I’ve done! This puzzle is 1000 pieces, and dates back to 1999. This was the final puzzle that I had done for the Wild Things Puzzle-along game on Instagram this March.

The next theme for April is Flowers! You better believe that I am excited for that 🙂 I have a few new to me puzzles to do and I think I’ll pull out a few classics to puzzle again, I’ve been wanting to assemble a Tuco puzzle and Jefferson Memorial would be perfect!

I will definitely return to this puzzle, it’s just so cool!

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