New York Quilt

Quite recently, Four Point Puzzles announced that they were closing their business. I’m not sure exactly why or if anything in particular happened, but it was sad news. They make really gorgeous puzzles. Many of which I had loved for a while! They were also a Canadian company, which was nice to be able to support.

The company had announced that they were closing on their social media channels, and that they were going to be having a closing out sale. You may know, that I don’t often buy puzzles brand new, but I thought that this was a great opportunity. I might not have another chance to get some of the puzzles I had liked for so long.

I didn’t actually expect to pick this one up, but when I realized that it was textile art, well I couldn’t say no. This quilt is made by Maura Ambrose of Folk Fibers based in Austin, Texas. Each block came together really nicely, there was a decent challenge with each one and then I was left with a whole bunch of black pieces!

I sorted all my pieces out by their shape and that made the final bit a lot easier. The pieces are a sure fit once you find the right one, so I didn’t really second guess myself as I puzzled. All in all, I did enjoy this puzzle. I’m not certain I would pull it out as often as Fade, or some of the other ones I have, but I am happy to have a copy.

I picked up two more in the sale, one called Dots and another called Tangled, I’m really looking forward to putting them together. this beauty is 1000 pieces and naturally it was complete.

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