The 7 Puzzling Wonders of the World

Lina, have you completed this puzzle before?

The answer is, yes, I have! If you search back, way back into my posts from 2016, you will see that I posted about this puzzle. This is not the same copy, and while I do redo my favourite puzzles, this one is a new to me copy.

So the story is… I assembled this puzzle back then, absolutely loved it, posted about it, and it quickly became my most viewed post. About a year after that, I received an email from a guy in Seattle asking if he could purchase it from me. He said that he had this puzzle as a child, remembered assembling it all the time and he’d just had a son, so he wanted to be able to put the puzzle together with his kid.

I just thought that was the sweetest story and it worked out because Joe and I were actually headed down to Seattle later that month to see PJ Harvey and catch a baseball game. So we met up and I sold him my copy. About a year later…. I wanted to assemble this puzzle again, ha ha ha!

Fast forward to autumn of 2022, Joe and I were out thrifting in Dartmouth and what do I find? The 7 Puzzling Wonders of the World puzzle! Of course I was so excited and bought it, this is way too fun to pass up.

I was a little worried that it might be missing some pieces, and funny story… when I completed it, it was missing an edge piece. I was a little disappointed but it was just an edge piece and a tiny one at that. So I started doing some tidying and what should I find on the couch but my last piece!

I am so happy to have assembled this once again, it’s not artwork I’d hang on my wall, or admire in a gallery, but it is one fun puzzle! This dates back to 1988, it’s manufactured by Springbok, 1000 pieces and thanfully this copy is complete!

I know people are going to ask… will I sell this copy again? No, I do not intend to sell this copy – however if I find this puzzle again at the thrift stores, I will pick it up, check if it’s complete, and let you all know!

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