Madame Butterfly

I discovered a new brand of puzzles (that a lot of people have spoken very highly of on Instagram). Paperblanks Puzzles. They seem to be a publishing company that makes a few different types of products, journals, tote bags, bookmarks, basically a stationary company.

What is everyone talking about when it comes to these puzzles? I think the biggest draw to their puzzles is that there is highlighting and a bit of shimmer to their puzzles pieces. It’s nearly impossible to capture this detail in a photo but I think the photo above shows off some of the sparkle and shimmer I’m talking about.

I thought that added some really nice dimension to the background behind the main picture, which coincidentally was the easiest part of the puzzle. A solid colour, go figure!

Another feature that I think a lot of people really like, is the smooth, velvety surface of the pieces, some newer books have this kind of finish. It’s soft and in certain places, welcome (in my opinion). Here comes the controversy…. I don’t love that feeling on puzzle pieces, I’m actually kind of weirded out by it!

I did like it when the puzzle was finished, when you ran your hand over it, it was soft and kind of nice but I just got too distracted during the puzzling. I don’t think it’s my thing.

I’m still really glad I tried it, and out of all of their picture selections, I think this is the one I like the best. I just like how calm it is, imagine how still you’d have to be to have so many butterflies settle on you!

The artist’s name is Benjamin Lacombe, it is 1000 pieces and complete. I found this at the thrift store, as usual!

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  1. I’ve heard of the PaperBlanks brand too and Madame Butterfly is one of their puzzle offerings that I like a lot too.

    I like running my hands over the top of a finished puzzle too!


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