I have been looking for a good Dinosaur puzzle for ages and all I can find are kids puzzles, like 64 large piece floor types of puzzles! Ha ha ha!

I love dinosaurs! I just think that they must have been incredible creatures! How mind boggling is it, that there were these massive animals living on earth for millions of years before we were here? It’s truly amazing!

And before you ask, yes…. All of the Jurassic Park movies are amazing and I watch them on a regular basis.

So, yep, this is a kids puzzle. 200 pieces but this is exactly the kind of dinosaur puzzle I have been looking out for! At least in the illustration style. I completed a puzzle, years ago, (before I started blogging), of dinosaurs, it was 1000 pieces and exactly what I want. I actually found an old Instagram shot of it, see below!

Something about dinosaurs,they just draw me in. I found this puzzle last week at the thrift store and waited maybe 24 hours before putting it together. It obviously didn’t take too long and I was pretty happy that it had all its pieces.

I love the side eye it’s giving and it’s very humanoid hands! This is a master work of art, in my opinion and I will pull this out again!

Another new brand for me! the Rainbow Works, released in 1993, 200 pieces and she’s complete.

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