Another smaller piece count! I work from home and lately I have found it very hard to focus when I know I have a super fun puzzle on the go.

So, lately, I’ve saved the more challenging puzzles for the weekend and days off and just pulled out some smaller, easier puzzles during the work week.

What do we have here? A super kitschy, dare I say cheesy picture of two little kids walking in a garden comforting each other. The ornate frame adds to the kitsch!

So, sure, not my typical puzzle picture choice! But it is a vintage Milton Bradley puzzle from 1975. I mean, come on!

Such lovely quality, that I can’t pass it up. Remember Bucky and the Christ? Also MB puzzles and so much fun. I am noticing the running theme though, they’re all very brown puzzles. I have around a lot of others over the years, but these two seem to be from a similar line, the same kind of boxes and cut.

We were sadly missing one piece, right in the middle, but I’d say that’s pretty good for nearly 50 years! Look at that cool piece cut, I love it.

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