The Christ by W. E. Sallman

About 2 years ago, my best friend and I met up in our neighbourhood and went out for a walk. We found ourselves at our local Value Village, in checking out the puzzles section, we both laid our eyes on the same treasure at the same time. A portrait puzzle from 1970 of Jesus Christ, I was particularly excited because this was an unopened Milton Bradley puzzle.

I’m not religious so I did feel a little strange buying the puzzle, but this year and these times are strange in general. I felt it was only fitting that over Easter weekend I open up my Jesus puzzle.

This was priced several times in the past.

I was hoping for some original proof of purchase ad to be inside, but it was just the pieces, not even in a bag! The quality of the pieces was lovely though, they are strong and sturdy, not too thick, fit perfectly and had a gorgeous finish.

This puzzle is 500 pieces and complete!

Love the eyelash details!

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